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Photo editing services: Calling advertising agencies, online stores, catalog makers... We undertake bulk photo editing jobs at competitive rates -- image resizing of scanned images; enhancement of complete hard copy family photo album images; commercial product photos to be placed on pure white backgrounds
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      New family picture with photo editing
New family photograph
Couple at tropical beach. Image created with photo editing.
Beach photo background
Photo background changed to office setting
Complex photo edit, new clothes & backdrop
Image editing: Combine multiple photos into one pic with Photoshop
multiple photos
R.I.P. photo editing for families and individuals to honour the memory of their loved ones.
R.I.P. memorial
photo edit
Photo editing sample: Combine images
Merge two
pics together
Merge three photos to make one new pic
New pic with
new background
Transform an existing photo by changing the picture background
New image
Amitabh Bachchan placed in GC University Lahore photograph
New photo
Image editing sample: Add a person to a photo.
Combine two
photos as one

Harvard University
Photo editing services to create romantic memory by changing background of an existing photo.
Monsoon romance
backdrop for pic
New Hare Krishna background for your pic with photo editing
Jolie at Krishna
temple, UT

Olympics 2012: London Bridge background

St. Pancras station; London background

Olympics Stadium, London background

Greenwich Park, London background

London Bridge lawns
photo background
Photo editing example of image background change
Add new photo
Photo editing example. Before & after photo with background replacement
Change background
to historic tomb
Photo editing example: Rest In Peace (RIP) photo of Whitney Houston.
RIP memorial
A photograph can be made dramatic by changing the background. This is a photo editing example.
Background changed
to open skies
Change the background of a photo
Hip hop
Photo editing, photo manipulation: Gerard Butler at Shin BBQ after being sued by the restaurant's ex-employees
Change person's
Photo editing: Simon Powell poses with the U.S. presidential Cadillac One.
Pose with your
favourite car
London Big Ben backdrop has been added to dance photo to create dramatic effect.
New backdrop for
dance photo
Online photo editor required to change background of photo. The couple in the picture is to be moved to a luxury liner.
Change backdrop
to luxury yatch
Photo editing job: Merge photos of lookalkies
Merge photos
of lookalikes
Fun photo editing: Change photo background
Change background
to disco
Make photo background black to focus on main subjects
Convert background
to black
Create nostalgic pictures by merging photos and creating a unique situation. We offer photo manipulation / photo editing services.
Create nostalgia
Photo retouching and photo editing to merge photos of celebrities. (Brad Pitt & John Lennon)
Lennon statue
Hrithik Roshan's statue at Tussauds: This is a photo manipulation job in which an imagined situation has been created by merging three photos.
Statue installed
at Tussauds
This is a photo editing / photo manipulation example of how one retro image has been created from merging 3 photos together that were taken in different eras.
Merge photos
Imran and Avantika Thailand honeymoon. Celebrity honeymoon photo has been created by replacing background in the couple's picture.
Luxury honeymoon
Imran Khan & Avantika at their romantic Phuket beach wedding, Jan 10, 2010. Create beautiful beach sunset wedding photos by merging two or more images.
Sunset beach
wedding backdrop
Editing and retouching of pet photos. Sample of background-change in dog show photo.
Change to patio
To mark Hugh Kefner's engagement on Dec 24, 2010 a new iconic Hollywood image has been created. The background of Hugh Kefner / Crystal Harris photo has been changed to a long shot of LA's Hollywood sign, a 'monument' that Kefner supports.
LA's 'Hollywood sign'
Photo editing to change background and ambience of an image.
Change to palace
'Sheel ki jawaani' in London. This is an example of photo manipulation in which Katrina Kaif's 'Tees Maar Khan' image has been placed at the entrance of Madame Tussauds.
Katrina relocated
to Tussauds
Photo retouching, photo editing example of background change to create romantic ambience.
Night beach scene
Photo background change to create memorable picture for Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni on their visit to Taj Mahal in December 2010.
Taj Mahal
Photo manipulation example of changing the background of a picture. The image of a woman on an elephant has been placed on a crowded New York street.
New York street background
This is an example of photo-background-change done for England's royal family. Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton have been placed in a Kenya photograph.
Change background;
create engagement pic
Taj Mahal background has been added to Barack Obama & Michelle Obama's photo to mark their visit to India in November 2010.
Add Taj Mahal
A plain wall background has been changed to a lovely beach background. Photo editing example of background change.
Add beach
This is an example of adding background to a photo taken against white.
Add nursery background
This is a photo edit to change the background of a photo to create a dramatic thematic image for a yoga website.
Theme photo
for website
Background change in a photograph to be reloacted at the MIT campus.
Change background
to MIT
Background change using photo editing and photo retouching techniques. This father and son pair is to be placed in the London School of Economics campus.
Change background
to LSE
This couple wants the background of their photo to be changed to the Taj Mahal monument.
Change backdrop
to Taj Mahal
Change background of photo to create new honeymoon photo featuring a Gondola in Italy.
Change background;
create honeymoon pic
Photo editing: Change picture background to create awesome holiday photographs.
Change background
of holiday pic
Change photo background to park scene on a snowy day
Change background
to snowy park
See 'before' and 'after' versions of a Bollywood film star's photos.
Background replaced:
Sunset by sea
Replace original background with Kerala sunset scene in wedding photograph
Kerala sunset
Background has been replaced in ice skating photo. Skating couple has been moved to a white sand dune picture.
Change background
to sand dunes
Replace background: Change day scene on street to night scene at beach.
Change background
to night
Background replaced with desert scene in Kelly Brook photo
Change photo backdrop to autumn scene in the woods.
Change photo
Change picture background to Eiffel Tower top
Replace background;
Eiffel Tower
Photo editing to replace background with seaside view
Background changed
to seaside
Group photo background has been changed from plain studio backdrop to 'Welcome to Las Vegas' board
Change background
to Las Vegas
Photo editing and photo manipulation used to chnage background and create Eiffel Tower holiday picture for Shilpa Shetty and her husband - July 19, 2010
Eiffel Tower
The little girl's photo has been given a new background. This is a photo editing sample. View 'before' and 'after' photo.
Background replaced with nature view
Photo editing has been used to place actors Daniel Radcliffe and Imran Khan together in a hotel lobby
Placing two
persons together
Prince Harry and Princess Diana merged with night shot of the Big Ben as background, July 2010
Three photos
Change the background in a photo. In this example, the wedding venue has been changed from a hotel to the Taj Mahal monument in India.
Background change
to Taj Mahal
Background has been changed with better view of National Mall from Capitol Hill
National Mall used
as backdrop
Photo editing to add background to singer's photo taken on white background.
Add background
Photo editing to merge photos of two people (MS Dhoni and then girlfiend Sakshi Rawat) to create a single wedding photo.
Merge photos;
create wedding pic
Photo editing to place kissing duo Maradona & Colin Farrell on a new background.
Replace background
Photo editing used to move Katie Holmes back in time into the White House and John F Kennedy's presidential limousine. Holmes' film set background changed to the White House.
1960s White House
Change background: Photo editing to place 62-year-old bikini clad Helen Mirren on beach background.
Place on similar background
This is a photo editing example in which the photos of Diego Maradona and actor John Abraham have been merged.
Merge pics;
beach backdrop
In this photo editing example, Australia's just sworn-in (june 24, 2010) prime minister Julia Gillard has been placed in a Univ of Melbourne photo where she had studied in the mid-eighties.
Place against
new backdrop
Photo editing has been used to changed the background of a Nepalese wedding photo of Manisha Koirala.
Backdrop changed
to skyline
Photo editing to get dog out of the original photo and place her in new photo with a nice background
Change background
to patio
Photo editing to change background in gay couple's photo
Change to garden backdrop
Image background has been replaced with photo manipulation. Woman and her horse have been placed against a beautiful scenic view of a flower meadow, trees and sky.
Make background
more scenic
This is a photo editing example in which a zoo gorilla in a cage has been relocated to the wild.
Gorilla relocated to wild
Photo editing, background change: Girl moved from Hong Kong shopping street to patio shot
Background changed
to patio
The background in this sample photo has been changed from a street scene to the Buddhist temple - Kamakura, in Japan
Background changed
to Buddhist temple
Photo editing: Background of the photo has changed from plain blue to an evening sky look on a cloudy day.
Background changed
to evening sky
Changing the background of a digital image
Change backdrop
to spooky scene
This is a 'background change' example in which new U.K. prime minister David Cameron and wife Samantha have been placed in a 10, Downing Street picture. There are not scheduled to move into their new home until later this summer.
Change background to Downing Street
Photo editing example of background change. The subject is Barack Obama and the target background is the Great Wall of China
Move Obama
to China
Photo has been edited to move girls from a parking lot photo to the historic site of Chichen Itza in Mexico
Background change
to make holiday pic
This is a photo editing sample of a gay couple taken out of a crowded London Gay Pride event photograph, and set against a beautiful nature scenery by the sea.
Background change
Photo editing / photo manipulation example in which background has been changed
Background change
Remove background, change background to plain colour, remove shadow
Background removal
Photo editing carried out to change background in a photo to an Eiffel Tower view
Background changed
to Eiffel Tower
Add interesting background to fashion photograph taken against plain white background. Background has been blurred.
Add background to fashion photo
Three photos merged to form cover design of fashion catalogue
Merge photos for
cover design
Photo editing example: Man from 1950s fashion catalog merged into photo of 1949 Packard brochure
Man placed in brochure photo
Photos of resembling actresses, Meryl Streep and Kareena Kapoor merged together
Photo merge: Streep & Kareena Kapoor
Real Madrid stadium placed in background of Caroline Celico's photo
Celico placed inside Real Madrid stadium
Background of Whitney Houston photo changed to temple in Ajanta Ellora caves
Background change for Whitney Houston
Background change and photo merge of Kaká's wife Caroline and Indian actress Asin
Photo merge: Asin and Caroline Celico
Merge photos of U.S. President Barack Obama and his look-alike, Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas
Photo merge: Barack Obama & lookalike
Place dance group Kaba Modern against American Idol signage / logo
Background change for Kaba dance group
Photo editing used to place young man in front of Princeton University building.
Merge photos of Aishwarya Rai & Angelina Jolie
Photo merge: Jolie & Aishwarya Rai
Three photos merge together with photo editing
Change backdrop of family photograph
Kathakali dance artist placed against sunset backdrop
Background change for dance artist
Background removed in Richard Gere photograph
Background removal for Richard Gere
Photo of crouching Bruno merged with photo of three lion in the jungle
Bruno placed in jungle with wild lions
Photos of Victoria Beckham and Rakhi Sawant merged to appear against single background.
Photo merge: Posh and Rakhi Sawant
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
Background change for Sandra Bullock
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
Beatles B&W placed in garden photo
View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
Background removed / changed of cosmetics basket photo. View examples of 'background change' after photo editing.
Background removal / background change
Photo of vintage Bentley car has been placed in an empty London street by night. View examples of 'background change' after photo editing.
Car placed in London street. Night shot.
Little boy kneeling down, placed on ocean surface, as though he was levitating. View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
Background changed to ocean waters
Fardeen Khan placed against abstract background. View examples of 'background change' after photo editing
Background changed to abstract
Fardeen Khan placed against outdoor background. View examples of 'background change' after photo editing.
Background changed to outdoor

New photo background, change photo background, remove photo background, add or replace photo background, background changer, image background

'Change background' or 'Merge photos' is a very popular photo editing request. Change of background in a photograph can sometimes transform the mood of the moment completely. Some examples can be seen above.

While you are the primary focus in your photos, the surroundings, the locale or the background tell the whole story. You can create interesting photos of yourself by 'playing' with the background. We have created thousands of memento photos for our customers by giving their pictures a new background.

Look at these examples: A young couple has been extracted from a picture taken at their home and placed on a yatch -- lovely sea background -- just right to impress your facebook friends with ;-). President Obama and Michelle have been transported to Taj Mahal making it one of their most romantic photos yet! A swimsuit model shot in a studio now finds herself on a tropical beach. A group of friends shot against a plain wall now show them having a blast in Las Vegas!

The possibilities are endless. And all these new backgrounds look perfectly natural. These are fun photos, created mainly to provide enjoyment to the subjects and to the viewers.

Remember that customer photographs ('before' and 'after') are NEVER used as examples or samples. These belong solely to the customers who ordered them (via 'free' or 'paid' jobs). Complete privacy is guaranteed.

We make your photographs picture perfect. 'Quick' photo editing is free.

Click here to submit assignment or ask questions. If the job falls in the 'free' category it will be completed and e-mailed back to you. Or you will receive an estimate, along with payment terms and instructions. Complete privacy is guaranteed. Samples seen on this website are examples created using stock photographs.

Please do not use this free service for commercial work.
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