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New photo background: Create honeymoon pic of couple in Venice

"Hi, we got married recently, but couldn't go on our scheduled Venice honeymoon. You see, my husband landed a big contract for his new business just before our wedding, and it did need his constant attention then. But it's been six months... I want to give Aryeh a gentle nudge — a sweet reminder that our honeymoon hasn't happened yet! Would you put us both in a photo that is distinctly 'Italy'. He knows how much I'm looking forward to a gondola ride... Important: Make me look a little thinner too. Thanks!"

This is a photo editing and photo retouching example in which the background has been changed in a couple's photo. They were seated in a patio, and now they are taking a Gondola ride in Italy. The original photo can be seen above.

The couple is on a gondola ride in Venice, celebrating their new life together...
Note that the young woman now looks thinner.

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Change backdrop to Taj Mahal


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