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View hundreds of photo retouching and photo editing samples
Photo Restoration
Beauty, Glam Retouching
Photo Colourisation
Look Younger Retouch
Look Thinner Retouch
Breast Correction Retouch
Look Taller Retouch
Change Photo Background
Valentine's Day Retouching
Merge Photos
Wedding Photo Retouching
Colour Correction in photos
Change Colour in photos
Exposure Correction
Formal Photos
Remove or Add persons or objects in photos
Blur Photo Background
Blemish Retouch
Shadow Removal with photo retouching
Special Effects with photo editing
Automotive Retouching
Red Eye Removal / Correction
Squint Eye Correction
Squinchy Eye Correction
Change Eye Colour with photo editing
Eyeglass Glare Removal with photo editing
Teeth Whitening with photo editing
Teeth Gap Correction with photo editing
Nose Correction Retouch
Real Estate Retouching
Reduce Body Exposure
Event Reconstruction
Commercial & Bulk Editing and Retouching
Christmas photo retouching
Specific Requirements
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photo editing jobs
Photo editing services: Calling advertising agencies, online stores, catalog makers... We undertake bulk photo editing jobs at competitive rates -- image resizing of scanned images; enhancement of complete hard copy family photo album images; commercial product photos to be placed on pure white backgrounds
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Retouching solutions for any photo
Before-and-after photos of body slimming with photo editing
Celeb weight loss
Excessively visible gums corrected with photo editing
Gummy smile fix
New family picture with photo editing
New background
Photo manipulation of portrait picture
Change expression
Photo editing technique to change face shape
Change face shape
Photo editing: Family photo on Christmas
Xmas family pic
Blue Santa hats added with photo editing
Add Santa hats
LinkedIn profile photo retouching
LinkedIn DP retouch
Obese woman looks thinner and taller after expert photo editing
Radical weight loss
Bride slimming in wedding photos
Bride slimming
Photo editing portrai pic
Retouch portrait pic
Couple at tropical beach. Image created with photo editing.
Love photo editing
Baby ID pic for visa application
Baby ID photo
Photo editing eye correction services
Eye correction

Paper restoration
Photo Retouching :: Photo Editing
We make your photographs 'picture perfect'. Remember, quick retouch / photo editing work is free.
We offer affordable and highly skilled digital photo retouching service. is a digital photo editing service in the business since 1998. We specialise in digital photo enhancement and photo restoration work.


A makeover for photographs that are scratched, torn, cracked, stained, faded; those that have been damaged due to incorrect storage methods; or have simply aged and discoloured over time. New life is breathed into these photos and the result of repair and retouching work is natural, flawless images that are as good as new.


Colourisation results in the transformation of black & white photographs to colour... The result is a vibrant life-like image retaining its natural look as though originally 'shot' in colour.


Complex retouching is undertaken to enhance photographs. This includes recreation of photo areas — face and other parts of the body, objects, products etc.; colour enhancement of dull and damaged photographs; removal or replacement of unwanted or damaged areas; replacement of background; clearing up of blemishes; touching up appearance of subject etc.

Event Reconstruction

This involves recreation of an event for which no photographic record is available. A storyline is created using references and brief provided by the customer. See example here.

Special Requests

The 'special requests' received are very varied but always challenging and fun to execute. Let me make a list of what customers ask for — it will give you a good idea of the possibilities. I hope to have it here by the time you visit next.

Get your photos retouched at affordable prices by one of the oldest experts in the business. We offer low cost digital photo retouching, photo restoration and photo enhancement services. We retouch photo to make you look thin, look younger, give you a beauty or fashion makeover, change background -- practically anything you can think of... Try us today!
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Photo background changed to office setting
Change background
Before-and-after shadow removal in photos
Remove shadow
Photo editing to make images look spectacular
Photo manipulation
Photo editing sample: Combine images
Merge photos
Create new celebrity photo with image manipulation
Add person
Muscle enhancement: Have a muscular body with photo editing.
Fitness retouch
Image editing sample: Add a person to a photo.
Merge two photos

Harvard Uni backdrop
Transform an existing photo by changing the picture background
New background
Photo retouching service online: Make face look thinner and smaller
Thinner face
Photo retouching example showing skin smoothing done on a man. Virtual Botox for men.
Digital Botox
Photo retouching services to change hair colour. View Beyonce's hair, before & after colouring
Change colour
Photo retouching example, before & after, of Lindsay Lohan's large size head
Reduce head size
Nasolabial folds (also called laugh lines or smile lines) correction with photo retouching. No Botox or surgery.
Laugh lines
Genealogical retouching before and after sample. Elderly man looks 20 years younger with retouching.
20 years younger
Photo retouching sample showing removal of facial wrinkles
Remove wrinkles
Amitabh Bachchan placed in GC University Lahore photograph
Change location
Women's bodies tend to accumulate extra fat on around the belly, hips and thighs. This retouching example is an extreme case of body reshaping done on a woman with enormous amounts of fat.
Weight loss
Photo editing services to change background in bride's photo to a well decorated bridal honeymoon suite decorated with flowers.
Change room
Photo retouching before and after example: Wardrobe dysfunction correction.
Indecent exposure
Online photo editor required to change background of photo. The couple in the picture is to be moved to a luxury liner.
Change background
Add facial hair with photo editing. Have thicker moustache and denser beard.
Add facial hair
Photo editing: Simon Powell poses with the U.S. presidential Cadillac One.
Merge photos
Photo editing services to place you on a magazine cover
Be on magazine cover
We offer photo retouching services to fix abnormalities and deformities.
Ear surgery
Photo editing and manipulation with special effects. View sample and before & after photos
Lady Gaga clones
Virtual breast implants 'before' and 'after' photos. Photo retouching sample.
Breast enhancement
Photo editing: Before and after sample of feet retouching to look prettier and younger.
Retouch feet
New Hare Krishna background for your pic with photo editing
Hare Krishna backdrop
Remove double chin and work on neck area to look younger with photo editing.
Look younger
We can replace a person in a photo with some skillful Photoshop work by our expert retouch artists.
Replace person

Valentine's Day
Sample of flower baby photo editing
Place in flower
This is a photo editing / photo manipulation example of how one retro image has been created from merging 3 photos together that were taken in different eras.
Merge photos
Remove wrinkles and skin imperfections with photo retouching. Edit photograph for anti-aging. Airbrush woman's photo to look younger.
Look younger

Paper restoration
Try our photo editing services if you want to adjust the space between the eyes.
Widen eye gap
Photo editing example: Rest In Peace (RIP) photo of Whitney Houston.
RIP memorial
To mark Hugh Kefner's engagement on Dec 24, 2010 a new iconic Hollywood image has been created. The background of Hugh Kefner / Crystal Harris photo has been changed to a long shot of LA's Hollywood sign, a 'monument' that Kefner supports.
LA background
Photo editing 'before & after' sample: Height increase without exercise or pills and without surgery.
Height increase
Make photo background black to focus on main subjects
Black background
Photos editing: Change face in a photo
Change face
Photo editing: Blur background in photo to emphasiss on main theme
Blur backgrund
Create a memorable picture. We can place you in a photograph with your favouite celebrity.
Add celebrity
Fun photo editing: Change photo background
Disco background
Advanced photo editing and retouching services required to remove glasses from face
Remove glasses
Photo editing, photo manipulation: Gerard Butler at Shin BBQ after being sued by the restaurant's ex-employees
Photo manipulation
Photo retouching, photo editing example of background change to create romantic ambience.
New background
Height increase -- look taller today with our photo editing, photo retouching service.
Look taller
Photo retouching services for teeth gap correction without dental surgery.
Teeth gap correction
Photo editing services to create romantic memory by changing background of an existing photo.
Monsoon romance
Photo background change to create memorable picture for Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni on their visit to Taj Mahal in December 2010.
New background
Change colours in a photo with expert photo editing
Change colour
Photo editing to restore old, damaged book cover
Movie stars look younger with photo retouching. See before and after examples. Virtual anti-aging and derma fillers. No painful plastic surgery or unpleasant after effects
Look younger
Enhancement of wedding photo with retouching and airbrushing
Wedding retouching
How to remove eyeglass glare and flash relection from spectacles in digital photographs? Try our photo retouching service
Reduce eyeglass glare
Photo editing service to convert tattoos seen on people's bodies to line drawings using Photoshop or Corel Draw.
Tattoo design
How does an older person hide their wrinkles and correct the shriveled-up look? Photo retouching is a good way to achieve better skin elasticity without surgery or even collagen. Look better preserved, dignified and as young as you want.
Look better
Photo editing and retouching has been used to make woman look thinner in swimsuit
Figure correction
'Sheel ki jawaani' in London. This is an example of photo manipulation in which Katrina Kaif's 'Tees Maar Khan' image has been placed at the entrance of Madame Tussauds.
Replace background
Editing and retouching of pet photos. Sample of background-change in dog show photo.
Patio background
Use photo editing to create HDR effect for more range between the lightest and darkest areas of your photograph
HDR simulation
Do a trial chin reshaping (large chin reduction) with photo retouching.
Chin reduction
Group photo background has been changed from plain studio backdrop to 'Welcome to Las Vegas' board
Change background
New hairstyle with photo retouching. View 'before' and 'after' photos of hairstyle change.
Fuller hairstyle
Facial features and facial expression altered with photo retouching.
Soften expression
Hrithik Roshan's statue at Tussauds: This is a photo manipulation job in which an imagined situation has been created by merging three photos.
Tussauds background
Photo retouching required to fix Steve Buscemi's snaggle tooth, and make it the same size as his other teeth
Teeth repair
Replace background: Change day scene on street to night scene at beach.
Change background
Weight problem: Can weight gain be reversed without exercises or pills? Try photo retouching for best results.
Look thin
Use our photo retouching services to create your ideal body image. We carry out virtual figure correction, weight loss and body sculpting. (Sample: Stephanie Caicedo makeover)
Body reshaping
Photo editing to change background and ambience of an image.
Palace background
Photo retouching to fix sunburn and tan lines. View 'before' and 'after' photos.
Remove tan lines
Change the background in a photo. In this example, the wedding venue has been changed from a hotel to the Taj Mahal monument in India.
Background change
Celebrity's face has been retouched to perfection to remove wrinkles, marks and spots. View 'before' and 'after' photos.
Celebrity retouching
Photo editing has been used to place actors Daniel Radcliffe and Imran Khan together in a hotel lobby
Place together
Crooked, lop-sided smile has been fixed with photo editing.
Fix crooked smile
Photo editing job: Merge photos of lookalkies
Merge photos
Owen Wilson's crooked, broken nose has been fixed with photo editng
Nose correction
Photo editing, photo manipulation to replace a person or object in a photograph
Replace person
Beauty retouching: Beauty makeover has transformed this tired looking woman into a sophisticated and glamorous lady
Beauty makeover
Photo retouching has been carried out to remove wrinkles around navel. Also to fix loose skin and stretch marks.
Virtual umbilicoplasty
Tear in jeans fixed with photo retouching and photo editing
Fix torn jeans
Photo editing: Actor Salman Khan has been added to a photo of a woman at a mosque in Abu Dhabi
Add person
View retouching sample. Beauty transformation, facelift to look youthful, remove wrinkles, skin firming.
Look younger
Weight loss for men with photo editing, photo retouching. No liposuction required.
Lose weight
Photo editing, photo manipulation example of adding a fictional character to your photo.
Add to photo
Photo manipulation services to add new background in photo
Friendship Day
Photo retouching magic: Place yourself alongside your favourite celebrity. Transform an ordinary photo into a memento.
Photo with celebrity
Fat girl Monique Imes has been Photoshpped, retouched to look thin and slender.
Slimming makeover
Photo retouching to make woman look younger and sexier. Digital makeover.
Blemish removal
Photo manipulation / photo editing has been done to place Australian actor Hugh Jackson in a beach photograph along with a girl.
Add person
Background replaced with desert scene in Kelly Brook photo
Replace background
Little child has been added from one photo to the other.
Add person
Photo retouching service. Touch up sagging jowls to make facial skin look firmer. Woman should look thinner and younger after photo edit.
Fix sagging jowls
Background has been replaced in ice skating photo. Skating couple has been moved to a white sand dune picture.
Replace background
The little girl's photo has been given a new background. This is a photo editing sample. View 'before' and 'after' photo.
Change background
Photo editing to enhance breast size for swimsuit and lingerie models.
Increase bust size
Cellulite removal from legs, thighs and buttocks done with photo retouching.
Remove cellulite
Photo editing: Moore's Oscars 2010 gown colour has been changed
Change colour
Jazz singer Harry Connick's paunch has been corrected with photo editing and retouching.
Reduce paunch
Photo editing and photo manipulation used to chnage background and create Eiffel Tower holiday picture for Shilpa Shetty and her husband - July 19, 2010
New background
Photo editing for squinchy eye correction and large chin reduction
Squinchy eye
This is a photo editing example in which the shadow has been removed in Chancellor Merkel's famous plunging neckline photo.
Remove shadow

View hundreds of photo editing and photo retouching samples
Look Slimmer Look Younger Glamour retouching Look Taller
Change Background Blemish Removal Add-Remove Nose Correction
Breast Correction Restoration Official Photos Colourisation
Exposure Correction Change Colour Colour Correction Red Eye Correction
Squint Eye Correction Teeth Whitening Teeth Gap Correction Squinchy Eye Correction
Change Eye Colour House Restoration Blur Background Eyeglass Glare Removal
Special Effects Shadow Removal Automotive Reduce Body Exposure
Assortment Bulk Requirement Event Reconstruction Valentine's Day
Low-cost photo retouching, restoration and digital transformation experts. We will glamourise your photos and make you look fashionable, thin, young -- simply wow! Tell your friends about this photo retouching service.
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Photo Sample 1 sample 1
We were commissioned by one of our petroleum clients to reconstruct a major fire incident that occurred in an oil installation. There were no photos of the fire, only descriptions in files and verbal accounts of employees most of whom had since retired. Armed with on-file accounts and briefs from the company's engineers we generated the 36-hour long sequence.

The only photographic reference was the cover shot of an old issue of the company's in-house journal. We created the rest…

Photo Sample 2 sample 2
I have made two background change options below the original photo.

Photo Sample 3 sample 3
Restoration of a photo which was processed after the film accidentally fell in the water.

Photo Sample 4 sample 4
Restoration of a photo which required repair, blemish removal and colourisation.

Photo Sample 5 sample 5
Restoration of a very old and hazy picture.

Photo Sample 6 sample 6
Merging two faces into one photo seamlessly.

Photo Sample 7 sample 7
Changing the background of a photo to the specified colour.

View new photo editing and photo retouching samples recently added on this website.

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