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Photo editing services for colour correction of your photographs

Sometimes photographs seem to be running certain colours excessively — may be extra yellow, or red, or another colour. Or inversely, some photographs may appear to be deficient in colour and look washed out. This can be corrected / adjusted.

Do the people in your photos look a little too red, like they're sunburnt? Or do the photos they have a blue overcast that makes the people people look frozen up? The truth is that all digital photos have some degree of color cast and could use some colour correction. We can help with restoring older photos that have discolored over time.


The colouring in older photos depicts the age and era in which the photograph was taken. Notice the peculiar colouring of photos taken in the 1950s, 60s and 70s? Well one way to look at it is that the coloring tells part of the story behind it. But that's not how those people really looked — their skin tone, colour of the clothes or for that matter how the sky and trees looked. Our colour correction / photo editing services can make the colours look natural. Colour correction can also be used to alter skin tone.


In fact, when it comes to editing pictures, the first thing we like to do is fix any overall tonal and/or colour issues with the photograph. We work at improving the tonality with manual colour correction. Some times a photo has a ghastly colour cast that needs to be corrected. We balance the colours to remove the colour casts. Sometimes a photograph becomes yellowed with age. This yellowness can be removed and the photo restored to the original colours.




Remember that customer photographs ('before' and 'after') are NEVER used as examples or samples. These belong solely to the customers who ordered them (via 'free' or 'paid' jobs). Complete privacy is guaranteed.

We make your photographs picture perfect.

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