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Dated: 25 December 1998. 2050 hrs (IST) (+ 5.5hrs GMT)
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The provider of photoediting services is interchangeably referred to hereafter by:

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Free Photoediting Online or any of its representatives, are not liable legally or morally for any damage that might result due to the online assignments undertaken as per the laws of any country. This applies to any photoediting assignment.


Any legal claims, litigation or moral responsibility is solely the liability of the originator of the assignment — namely the person who has requisitioned the job through e-mail or any other means of submission / communication.


We accept job specifications on the assumption that all copyright / legal / moral / humanitarian or any other issues of dispute or controversy have been thoroughly checked and double-checked by the party forwarding the assignment (who is the originator as far as we are concerned). 'Free Photoediting Online' is not liable whatsoever in any way or at any future time.


Special care should be taken with the above issues before forwarding photoediting (DIGITAL MANIPULATION OF BITMAP IMAGES / SCANNED IMAGES) assignments.


Please thoroughly check legalities before submitting any assignment to this Web site.

I will not edit photos which contain subjects in military uniforms (Military, Police, Para Military Forces and Security Agencies) in a manipulative manner. In fact I might not edit them at all.


No images edited by me / this service / shall be used as evidence or otherwise in a court of law.

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