Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are ALL your editing / retouching services free?

A. 'Quick' editing / retouching is free. But sometimes, a job listed in the 'paid' category is done free because of the time it actually took to complete it.


Q. So, exactly which services are free?

A. 'Quick', and therefore 'FREE', photo editing corresponds to work that can be done in a few clicks as in online automated programs. Having worked on over 75,000 images over the years, there is much we can accomplish 'quickly'. One or more of the following actions are sometimes carried out in a single 'FREE quick edit':


> Simple red eye correction

> Sharpening - simple & adv

> Some blemish removal

> Blurring — simple only

> Simple colour correction

> Simple teeth whitening

> Simple exposure correction

> Resizing of an image

> Change of eye colour

> Converting to B&W (gray scale)

> General enhancement


Q. And which services are 'paid', not 'free'?

A. Our 'Paid' services include: Restoration, Background Change, Photo Merge, Beauty Retouch, Look Younger / Thinner / Taller, Replace Face / Eyes, Change Attire, etc. Basically, an edit that requires advanced skill & extended labour is not free. (Submit an assignment to find out cost. It's more affordable than you think!) Submit assignment


Q. Is the 'free editing' offer open to everyone?

A. The 'free editing' offer is not open to those who have the skills or ability to do the job themselves. Due to limited human resources, we would like to benefit only those who cannot carry out the edits themselves.


Q. Do you actually welcome free assignments?

A. We most certainly do! Free assignments have always been priority, and we have hundreds of e-mails from people expressing their gratitude for the work delivered to them, free of cost or any other obligation.


Q. How many photos can be sent for free editing / retouching?

A. No more than two per week please. (Please scroll upwards to see what comes free.)


Q. Would you work on a previously edited image?

A. As a general rule, we do not. Please send an original, unedited image.


Q. Can a 'good' image be enhanced?

A. Images which you perceive as acceptable quality, can in most cases be tweaked to look substantially better. This would fall in our 'free' category unless we are dealing with large image sizes or bulk quantity.


Q. Do you have special rates for volume / regular assignments?

A. Yes, we offer a substantial discounts on volume / regular assignments because there is mutual benefit in doing so.


Q. Do you negotiate on rates you have quoted?

A. If you explore the market, you will see that our prices are much lower than what's going.


Q Would you consider undertaking free, what falls in your paid category?

A. We do so sometimes, on humanitarian grounds.


Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. 12 - 36 hours on an average. Complex / bulk assignments need about 7 - 21 days.


Q. What is your focal strategy while editing a photograph?

A. We follow a very simple strategy — "avoid over-correction and try to make the picture look as natural as possible". If the edit is detected easily, the purpose is defeated...


Q. Does photo editing / retouching require special human skills or does the software do it all?

A. Photo editing / retouching is quite like working manually on a painting on canvas. The difference being that you have greater flexibility with the types of tools at your disposal, quick correction of mistakes, the facility to make a composite of two or more images and the ability to add special effects. But the apparently 'automated tasks' are seldom just single-click operations. Most of the advanced work is done by using digital tools which are sophisticated clones of conventional paint tools.


Q. Aren't there any websites where people can carry out edits themselves?

A. Yes, there are several websites that offer you automated programs to help you edit and add effects to your photos. Typically, you can correct basic things such as brightness and contrast, rotate image, resize, compose, add frame etc. You will have to work within the bounds of a certain number of pre-sets defined by the program.


Q. Do you have a policy protecting the privacy of the photos edited by you?

>> Photographs sent by customers for photo editing or retouching are NEVER shared or published on this website.

>> Resultant photographs, after photo editing or retouching, are also NEVER shared or published on this website.

>> The textual content of customer's requirement is NEVER shared or published on this website, or communicated to a third- party. This holds good in the case of 'paid' jobs as well as 'free' jobs.


If we end up not carrying out a requested job, the spirit of our privacy policy stands — no photographs or content of requirement is ever used, shared or published. The assurance made under is irrevocable. Please click here to read the complete Privacy Policy.


Please contact Anil Nath if you have any other questions - E-mail.

We make your photographs picture perfect.

Click here to submit assignment or ask questions. Read FAQ to see if the job can be done free. For 'Paid' jobs you will receive a price estimate. Complete privacy is guaranteed. 'Quick' photo editing is free.