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Wedding retouching services and photo enhancement

Your photo album can be perfected with our wedding photo retouching and editing services.

Wedding photo retouching: Make-up, bride slimming, backdround editing
Most of the times our photos leave us less than satisfied, more so photos from important occasions, such as weddings. With our wedding photo retouching skills we can do many things to make your wedding pictures look perfect. If you want to look thinner, it's possible. Look younger? Yes, we can do that too. Remove blemishes, age lines, under-eye bags, double chin — yes, we can do all of that.


Wedding photo retouching and editing

In fact, we can do almost anything you can think of. We can recompose your wedding photos, remove objects or even people. We can also add objects or add people from other photos to create the moment you missed! You can opt for a complete change of background to create a new mood. We can remove creases, clean up extra confetti, or any other disturbing elements in the picture.. We can also adjust the exposure and carry out any colour correction necessary.


The wedding day is special not only for the couple, but also for the entire family. It is important to have a good photographer to capture the myriad moments of that day. After all, these moments will soon become memories.


But we know that sometimes even a good photographer is not able to get it all done perfectly. Our wedding photo editing services come to the rescue. We can help to remove imperfections from your pictures with our wedding photo retouching services.


In addition to the image editing mentioned above, we will also do the following wedding photo retouching:


~ Colour correction
~ Exposure correction - underexposed or overexposed images
~ Red eye removal
~ Skin retouching, touch up of blemishes
~ Edit photo background
~ Remove unwanted people
~ Crop photos
~ Weight reduction and body slimming for bride / groom
~ Teeth whitening and brightening
~ Skin tone correction
~ Smoothen wrinkles
~ Add makeup or retouch makeup


Wedding Photo Editor

Correction and enhancement of wedding photographs can turn out to be a huge stumbling block for photographers. With digital cameras it is easy to end up with thousands of pictures of any event. Sifting through these to decide which 500 photos to use for the wedding album is no small task. Following this, of course, is the task of retouching work that almost each photo needs. One of the basic services is general improvement of poor quality photos. Retouching of wedding portraits and changing the background of the newly-wed couple's pictures are just some of the things we can do.


We are frequently asked to remove unwanted people and objects from wedding pics. Removal of shadows is important especially when there are a lot of outdoor photos of the ceremony or wedding party. The bride almost always wants her makeup to be touched up and along with some slimming and body shaping. Removing creases from the bride's and groom's clothes is an inevitable requirement as the day long activities take their toll on the wedding attire. With our photo manipulation services we recompose the image and also create a certain mood for some special pictures, especially the fun photo featuring bridesmaids and groomsmen. We can also combine or merge two or more photos to bring about a certain effect. Sometimes the brides' mothers also make use of our virtual weight loss services. We are also called upon to remove certain people from group photos and at times add a person who wasn't around when the photo was being taken.


With our wedding photo retouching services you can be sure to have an enviable wedding album filled with beautiful memories of the glorious day.

Our wedding day pictures retouching services start at $15. The price depends on the complexity of the job and the skill level required, as also the time it will take to complete each photo. Don't forget, all the work is done manually. We simply do not use any automated software. That is the reason why we cannot offer a $1 price for editing of wedding photos, or any other photos for that matter. Having said that, you can be sure of a discount for a batch exceeding 10 photos.


Wedding Photo Editing Services

We provide professional editing of marriage photos at very competitive prices. We work on very quick turnarounds too! We have been doing Photoshop work on wedding pictures since the year 2000, so you can be sure that customer satisfaction is a given. Today we have a team of highly experienced editors and retouchers who are extremely creative and work with a gentle hand. Try us for a great looking wedding album -- pictures that you will be proud to show off to family and friends on your Facebook and Twitter pages. With our services, your wedding photos will look breathtaking, yet natural. None of the over retouched look.

Some of our standard editing services include noise reduction, ensuring color balance, image sharpening, red eye correction, under eye touch up, teeth whitening and skin smoothing. We also replace or substitute photo background. We also provide special effects such as different hues and tone such as the sepia tone.

Some customers send up old, vintage wedding photos to be refurbished and restored. Most are black and white that need to be changed to color. Some are torn, faded and scratched -- we bring them all back to life.


Wedding Body Reshaping & Retouching

Brides are known to employ every trick in the book to lose weight before the big day. Most of the times it does not work as much as they would have liked it to. That's where we can come to the rescue with our body slimming retouching. Last minute Botox has created nightmares for many brides who have ended up with puffy faces and swollen lips. We fix photos with retouching.


Customers also ask for:


Wedding Photography editor

Customer from Sydney Australia: "I am sending you 35 wedding photos for the following work: White balance, color correction, cropping, angle adjusting, noise removal (high ISO when no flash present) additional tone and presence adjustments. I will provide photos taken with my Canon CR2 in RAW format. Please send my your editing price."


Edit my Wedding Photographs

Customer from New York: "I want top class editing for my marriage pictures within seven days. There are 65 images which should be retouched, color corrected and enhanced for good contrast and clarity. Are you up to this job?"


Wedding photography editor services

Customer from Houston: "Please provide a quotation for wedding photography editing. We want to outsource the task of culling, cropping, color correction, and straightening."


Wedding jewelry Photoshop editor

Customer from Derby, UK: "We have closeup photographs of the bride's jewelry for the wedding album which need to be retouched for small scratched. In some cases the background needs to be removed and a shadow needs to be added. There are also some close-up of the ring on the bride's hand."


Lightroom wedding photo editor

Customer from London: "I am a professional wedding photographer. I am currently overloaded with assignments and need freelancer help to deal with a few hundred engagement and wedding photos of the bride and her family."


Part time photo editor for outdoor wedding pics

Customer from Ontario, Canada: "A very busy beach wedding season is coming up and we want to create a panel of retouchers for A-level editing of event photos. Please provide your quotation for batches of 100 photos for general improvement."


Wedding stills photo manipulation

Customer from New York: "Talk to us if you are an experienced Photoshop pro? We have 200 wedding photos that must be delivered to the bride within a week. (Are you able to honour this photo editing schedule?) Most photos need a sky replacement as it was a very dull and cloudy day at a tropical beach."

We make your photographs picture perfect.

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