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Photo editing services: Calling advertising agencies, online stores, catalog makers... We undertake bulk photo editing jobs at competitive rates -- image resizing of scanned images; enhancement of complete hard copy family photo album images; commercial product photos to be placed on pure white backgrounds
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      Photo editing: Add person to photo
Add persons
to photo
Photo editing to make images look spectacular
Narendra Modi
in samadhi
Create new celebrity photo with image manipulation
Add person to
a photograph
Before & after example of photo editing. Add a good luck symbol to your photo.
Add doves to
scenery shot
Photo editing example (before & after) of inserting a new element in a photo. A parrot has been added to Brad Pitt's family photo.
Perch parrot
on shoulder
Children retouching services. Your child with a flower crown in a photo
Flower crown
for little girl
Photo editing before & after sample showing a person extracted from one photo and placed in another
Add person
to photo
Photo editing sample in which a crown has been placed on a person's head. View 'before & after' pictures.
Honour someone,
add a crown
Photo editing example (before & after) of replacing a person in a picture.
Replace actor in
movie poster
Professional photo editing services to merge photos and change background.
Add person &
props to photo
We can replace a person in a photo with some skillful Photoshop work by our expert retouch artists.
Replace person
in a pic
Sample of flower baby photo editing
Place baby in
a flower
We offer our photo editing services to add, remove or replace persons or objects in a photograph.
Replace item
in photo
Example of person-removal from a photograph and background reconstruction and augmentation. The world's oldest free photo editing service.
Remove persons
from photo
Create a memorable picture. We can place you in a photograph with your favouite celebrity.
Be seen with
a celebrity
With photo editing you can try out different attire and accessories on yourself in a photograph.
Add Maharaja
turban regalia
Enhance your photo by removing unwanted elements from your photograph. An ordinary, cluttered photo can be made to look special by removing disturbing things in the background.
Remove unwanted
This is an example of photo manipulation in which two Indian film celebrities (Rani & Aditya Chopra) rumoured to be in a relationship have been placed together in a photograph to strongly suggest a romantic angle between the two.
Create a new reality
Photo editing, photo retouching: The requirement is to accentuate the aura of melancholy and quietitude around the black man in the photograph who looks very sad and thoughtful. Change photo background to sunset scene...
Add melancholic
sunset background
Photo editing, photo manipulation example of adding a fictional character to your photo.
Add Spiderman
to photo
This is a photo manipulation example in which fictional character Superman appears to be visting the Red Sqaure ruins in the distant future.
Superman visits
the future
Photo retouching magic: Place yourself alongside your favourite celebrity. Transform an ordinary photo into a memento.
Photo with celebrity
Photo editing: Actor Salman Khan has been added to a photo of a woman at a mosque in Abu Dhabi
Add Salman Khan
to photo
Photo editing, photo manipulation to replace a person or object in a photograph
Replace person
in photo
Photo manipulation services to add new background in photo
Add Disneyland
Little child has been added from one photo to the other.
Placing person
in photo
Photo editing used to place White flowers in the bell of the vuvuzela to stop the annoying sound during FIFA 2010.
Disable vuvuzela
with flowers
Photo editing: Girl to be moved into new picture.
Add person to pic
Photo manipulation / photo editing has been done to place Australian actor Hugh Jackson in a beach photograph along with a girl.
Add person to
beach pic
Photo retouching, photo editing used to remove glasses from Sarah Palin's face
Retouching to
remove glasses
Photo editing to add a beach background to a girl's photo taken against a plain wall.
Add beach background
This is a photo editing example in which a tiger has been merged into the photo to sit beside a young man.
Add tiger to young man's photo
Photo editing example of removal of extensive wire mesh throughout photo and touching up main subject in background.
Remove prison
wire mesh
This is a photo editing example in which a normal scene at the Circular Quay in Sydney has been converted to an agressive shark sighting.
Add shark to
ocean scene
Remove power lines from photo of gay couple on holiday in France (?)
Touch up
power cables
This is an example of photo manipulation. An image of a fairy has been merged into the picture of a pretty cottage by night.
Add to photo;
merge photos
This is a photo manipulation example in which a plane model has been added to an aerial view of the ground below as one sees it while flying overhead in an aircraft.
Plane added to
aerial view photo
Photo has been edited to replace one of the people in the photo
Replace person
in photo
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar transposed beside the Spinning Top sculpture at Trusts Stadium, Henderson, Auckland, where he is sheduled to be in April 2010.
Move person
into photo
Photo editing used to manipulate scene showing on TV screen
Manipulate TV screen
Photo editing used to place moustache to boy's face
Moustache added
to face
Microphone removed from Kaká's (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite) photo
Microphone removed from face
Add photo of Nikon D90 to scenery shot
Camera photo added to scenery
Add 'Happy Birthday' icing plate to birthday party photo
Gift placed in kids birthday party photo
Add Simba cartoon to photo of real lion cubs
Simba added to live cubs pic in jungle
Glass of milk placed on table between dog and old lady to heighten the humour in this photo
Glass of milk placed on dining table
Remove power lines from scenery photo with the help of photo editing
Power lines removed from scenery photo
Remove girl from group photograph with the help of photo editing
Girl removed from family photo
Prince Harry with Chelsy Davy and a bottle of Stella Artois beer
Beer bottle added to Prince Harry photo
Remove beach ball from Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson photo on the beach.
Beach ball removed from Woody Allen pic
Remove man from family photograph
Man removed from family photo
Add duck to photograph of family in swimming pool.
Duck placed inside swimming pool
Photo editing example [Remove from group]: This is a photograph of two women and a little girl in the outdoors. One of the women needs to be removed, so that this can be an 'only' mother-daughter picture.
Woman removed from mother-daughter pic
Photo editing example [Add to group]: This is a humour based family group photograph in which each person sports a comical expression. Only the family dog is missing and needs to be merged seamlessly to this happy group.
Pet dog added to family group photo
Photo editing example [Edit person in group]: This is a family group photograph spanning three generations. The little boy is holding a cell phone to his face, covering his eyes entirely. The challenge is to move the cell phone down and bring his eyes into view! Open eyes at that!
Boy's concealed eyes made visible
Photo editing example [Remove from group]: This is university group photograph in which one person who is not part of the team and needs to be removed.
Man removed from group photo
Photo editing example [Add to group]: This is an image of a mannequin line-up. One live female model needs to be inserted in middle of this group. The resulting image is meant to be the cover of a fashion catalog.
Model added to fashion catalog photo

We often receive requests for photo editing work involving group photographs in which someone who is missing needs to be added in from another photograph, or someone who is in the group needs to be removed, or moved around within the group.

At times certain people in the group aren't happy with the way they are looking and want that to be set right. Sometimes it is possible to replace their image with a different one from another photo. Then there are times when someone had their eyes closed, or was looking away, or was the only one not smiling, or had an unfortunate pimple, a stained shirt, or eyeglass glare...

There are times when an entire group needs to be moved to another location — example — out of the conference room and in front of their corporate headquarters building...

Remember that customer photographs ('before' and 'after') are NEVER used as examples or samples. These belong solely to the customers who ordered them (via 'free' or 'paid' jobs). Complete privacy is guaranteed.


We make your photographs picture perfect. 'Quick' photo editing is free.

Click here to submit assignment or ask questions. If the job falls in the 'free' category it will be completed and e-mailed back to you. Or you will receive an estimate, along with payment terms and instructions. Complete privacy is guaranteed. Samples seen on this website are examples created using stock photographs.

Please do not use this free service for commercial work.
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