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Headshot retouching: Fix portrait photo

The importance of a good official photo or business headshot or portrait photograph cannot be underestimated as it represents you in the absence of your physical presence. It is an opportunity to make a good impression. We all know that first impressions do matter. For this reason it is sometimes considered desirable to remove imperfections from headshots or mildly enhance the portraits.

Business portrait retouching. Before and after - portrait face retouching and photo background change.


Professional portrait retouching

We have been offering portrait retouching services since year 2000 and can get a considerable lot done to improve these photographs at very affordable prices starting at $20. The photo editing and retouching is done in a subtle manner is very natural looking, making the portraits just a spiffier version of your real self.


Headshot editing


Basic headshot editing and retouching includes overall sharpening, red eye removal, minor shadow removal, hue and color correction, skin tone correction, exposure and contrast adjustment if required, removal of the odd stray hair, removal of small stains on clothing, eye brightening, eye color accentuation, teeth whitening, acne / scars / freckles touch up and wrinkles retouch if so instructed by customer. We make your portraits and official photos pop!



Advanced headshot editing covers everything listed under 'Basic' and typically also includes the following manipulations in varying degrees if requisitioned by customer: Increase hair volume; fix eyeglass glare, clear up excessive flyaway hair; adjust ear size or pin done protruding ears, fix receding hairline; adjust eyebrow arch, lift eyelid, fix sleepy eye / lazy eye, widen eyes,open closed eye, retouch puffy eyes; edit lips; retouch skin, delicately touch up under-eye bags and dark circles, crowfeet, forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, lift sagging jowls and reshape face; reduce or remove double chin and slim the face and body; remove tattoos, fix crooked teeth and add missing teeth.


Editing requests also include stubble removal, posture improvement, eyebrow tweezing, tan lines touch up, teeth straightening, body contouring, waistline slimming and much more. Our natural skin smoothing and retouching ensures that there is no blurring and that the skin texture is intact. We can also remove creases from clothes; adjust a crooked tie knot; change suit, shirt or dress color and add an accessory or a piece of jewelry.


Super Advanced

Super advanced headshot editing covers everything listed under 'Basic' and 'Advanced'. Additionally, in this category we can do pretty much anything you ask for. This includes: Background swapping, i.e. taking you out of an existing photo (probably a group photo) changing you into suitable attire and placing this new picture against a studio background. And voila, you have an elegant portrait. No paying exorbitant fees to portrait photographers if you'd rather have that money.


Women can send pictures without makeup and we will give you a virtual makeover with make up application exactly the way you love it. Sometimes our favorite photos are the ones taken informally, so if you already have a great looking picture but the setting is not suitable, we will edit it. By the way, we can also remove dental braces, eyeglasses in some cases. We also carry out makeup correction with airbrushing in case the existing cosmetic work is not appropriate for a business headshot.


We also offer retouching service for expression correction in the portraits so as to prevent a less than personable first impression. Frown lines are touched up with contour shadowing and the facial features are altered and softened to convey a confident and friendly appearance.


ID photo editing and retouch service

Our portrait headshot editing and retouching service is also widely used to create formal photos that can be used on resumes, curriculum vitae (CV), bio-data, employee profiles, ID cards and visiting cards. Headshots are also featured in print publications, advertisements, articles on the Internet, online profiles on social networks and even on television! We are also called upon to remove / replace the image background in passport photos and visa photos for application purposes. This includes resizing the dimensions and composing the images as per the country specifications.


Free online headshot photo editing programs and apps

There are several free online image editing services that can make a slight improvement in the portraits but if you have specific requirements these programs won't be able to do the job. There are also many photo editing and skin retouching apps out there but they all seem to produce that dreadful plastic doll look. But in our case, the photos are hand-edited by expert digital artists. Real people work with you to understand your unique needs.


Headshot and Portrait enhancement categories

~ Business headshot
~ Official headshot

~ CEO / executive headshot

~ PR portraits

~ Corporate headshot
~ Realtor headshot

~ Graduation portrait

~ Fashion / Model / Actor portrait

~ Pageant Glam portrait

~ Lifestyle portrait

~ Family portrait

~ Maternity / pregnancy portrait

~ Baby & new born

~ Twins & triplets portrait

~ Parent & child portrait
~ Classic headshot
~ Personal portrait

~ Couple portrait

~ Selfie portrait

~ Wedding portrait

~ Grandparents portrait

~ Pet portrait

~ Black & white portrait


Why choose us

~ We are highly experienced photo retouchers and have solution for everything,

~ We deliver impeccable quality work promptly.

~ We work closely with our customers paying attention to their smallest requests.

~ Our prices are reasonable.

~ We guarantee customer satisfaction. We have hundreds of returning customers since year 2000.


Retouching Prices

Retouching of a headshot and portrait starts at an affordable $20. The price goes up depending on what other work you want done on it. If you opt for the Super Advanced features as listed above, the price could go up to $50-$60. But if you order multiple portraits we will offer you a discount. All services are paid for in advance.


Turnaround time

We typically take two to three business days to deliver edited portraits and headshots. Rush orders attract an extra fee.


Testimonials and reviews about our photo retouching service

Business headshot editing review by real estate agent, Karen Mueller - Ontario, Canada

"Omg, this is amazing. I'm very impressed with your skills. I will be recommending you to everyone I know and there are always new agents in the office who like me can't afford headshots taken by pro photographers. Have a great week and thank you again."


Wedding portrait retouching review by newly wed Susan Walker - Brimingham, United Kingdom

This is to show my appreciation for the work done by Mona Nath and her team on my wedding photos. I had a low budget wedding in the Bahamas. At the end, the local photographer delivered the pictures in a pen drive and was never to be seen again. I was so disappointed with the results but now all my precious photos have not only been fixed but greatly enhanced. I couldn't ask for more!



Remember that customer photographs ('before' and 'after') are NEVER used as examples or samples. These belong solely to the customers who ordered them (via 'free' or 'paid' jobs). Complete privacy is guaranteed.

We make your photographs picture perfect.

Click here to submit assignment or ask questions. Read FAQ to see if the job can be done free. For 'Paid' jobs you will receive a price estimate. Complete privacy is guaranteed. 'Quick' photo editing is free.