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LinkedIn profile photo retouching / photo enhancement

Photo editing services to fix formal portraits for Bio data / Visa / Passport / ID.

Social & Professional Networking Photo Editing and Retouching Services

Editing and retouching professional photographs, portraits and display photos

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Management team: Headshot retouching services

Is your LinkedIn profile photo working for you? Make it an effective facilitator. Look at the example on this page: Several facial enhancements — none radical — that have made a big difference. We can similarly improve the portrait photo you are currently using. We keep our editing very realistic, never overdoing the retouching. The photo editing on this picture is a mix of facial slimming, double chin reduction, brightening eyes, whitening teeth, reducing facial shine and general photo enhancement.


Photo retouching for portraits

Customer requirement: "I have a portrait series that needs retouching. All the photos have been shot with a black backdrop, but with different lighting. You need to smoothen and clean up the background of all the images so that they look synchronized and part of a series. Skin tone adjustment and shadow removal is also required in some cases."


Edit photos of portrait shoot

Customer requirement: "I have portraits and full shots of a young man that were taken outdoors, mostly with a flash. There are minor issues with the lighting and exposure that need expert photo editing. Light retouching is also required. In the end, I just want great looking photos."




Use our services for resume photo editor for picture of whole body in formal attire. Photo ID clothes, official passport size photo in coat and tie. Free photo editing online.

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