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Photo manipulation services to change casual clothes to business suit

Portrait photo retouching company for formal headshot to be used for CV / Visa / Passport / ID. A customer urgently needs to turn in a photo in formal attire for office records — "Please put me in a business suit and tie. I've been told it should be composed like a passport size photo, whatever that means."

Change casual t-shirt look to formal business suit

Business suit added in headshot

What's with visa, passport and ID card photos? No one seems to be entirely happy with the way they turn out. There is always some little thing in these 'official' photos that doesn't quite seem right. However, one can hardly deny these photos have an important role to play in our professional lives — resumes, employee profiles, visiting cards, online profiles all need an associated photograph. But even the most skilled photographers seem to disappoint somehow and nearly all portrait photos and business headshots need to be retouched. Our long years of photo editing expertise in this field ensure that you will be pleased with the results of our expert retouching team.


Formal ID photo retouching

Generally speaking, most retouching work involves teeth whitening, skin retouching, color correction, or reducing wrinkles and double chin. It could also be a problem with exposure, color balance, blemishes on the skin, stray hair correction or a background that simply needs to be changed or else the attire that needs to be switched from a casual t-shirt to a formal business suit. Just bring us any photograph and tell us what you want to be done with it and you will be extremely pleased with the results.


Importantly, we do not use automated software or photo editing apps that use a cookie-cutter approach to image editing. Retouching experts on our team hand-edit each photograph using the 'less is more' approach. With our subtle photo retouching techniques we are able to accomplish visible results with a fineness that will not make the pictures look processed.


In today's world, a picture is a communication tool, so making sure that you look sharp and well-groomed is essential to create a strong and favorable first impression. Moreover, your headshot photo serves as an introduction to your prospective employers or clients or any person in a position of authority. Reason enough, that you must not leave anything to chance and put your best 'photo' forward.


Customers ask for:


Business suit editing and portrait background

Customer requirements: "I need photo manipulation of changing a woman's dress in a portrait, something like a formal attire editor online.  Please let me know what this will cost and if there is an extra charge for rush jobs. By the way, what do you charge for passport size photo in coat? Do you provide ID photo maker online services?"


Professional headshots of entrepreneurs in suit and tie

Customer requirements: "We need high-end retouching for three company executives portraits. The editing work should be similar for all three photos in terms of look and feel, as well as background. The examples on your website are great just as your reputation in portrait work circles. Your customer, Jay Shelton from Madison Avenue, New York has recommended you services. We look forward to receiving your photo editing quotation. Do you also have suit templates for ID pictures?"


Online Photo Editor for Portraits

Customer requirements: "Attached are 12 portrait photos. Please fix the following problem areas in the photos: Remove skin blemishes, exposure and brightening, and other minor changes. We love your style of subtle editing for portraits — the hand retouching never lets the photos look over processed! Our next batch of 65 raw images of headshots is being sent to you via DropBox. The editing instructions for photo editor formal attire online follow in my next email. Please let me know the turnaround time for this assignment."

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