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Photo editing services for baby's photo on visa application

Example of editing and retouching baby / children portraits.

Photo editing baby pictures for ID documents

Editing baby's photo to meet visa application specifications. Format: JPEG; Size: minimum 10 KB, maximum 1 MB; height and width of the photo should be equal; photo should present full face, front view, eyes open; center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin; background should be plain light colored or white background; no shadows on the face or on background; without borders.

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Child portrait retouching services

Photographing babies is never easy. It is especially difficult when the end-use is for a passport or visa. You want the baby to look a certain way — frontal, centered and looking into the camera. It could take hours, even days and still not have the right shot. This is where we step in with our Baby & Children Photo Editing Services. In the example below we had to make the face dead frontal by adding the missing ear, creating some neck, changing the sideways posture to frontal with the help of suitable clothing and last of all changing the background to a light colour. Try our photo retouching services to edit formal photos for Resume / Visa / Passport / ID. Manipulation of ID pic with formal attire and CV photo in business like look. Executive coat for photo edit online. Photoshop an image with business clothes. Free photo editing online.


Advanced retouching with Photoshop

Customer requirement: "We are a high-end photography studio located in Los Angeles. We specialize in family, maternity and newborn portraits. Most of our shots are taken inside a studio. Some photos are shot at outdoor locations such as a beach or a meadow. Our retouching requests are common. These include body slimming and skin smoothing to remove blemishes, tan lines and stretch marks. We also typically request eye brightening and teeth whitening. Sometimes you will need to remove unwanted people and objects from the background, swap faces from one photo to the other. Some images will need the sky to be fixed with for more color and contrast. At times you may need to replace the sky altogether."

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