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Photo manipulation: Be seen with a celebrity in a photograph.

"Hi, I work as a receptionist in a hotel in Vietnam and we had Megan Fox stay at our property a few months ago. Yes, I've seen her in the flesh!!! But my family and friends only have my word on this; I could be just making it up :-(. It's against the hotel's policy for staff to request for photographs with guests, so I have nothing to show for my big moment. Here's a pic of me with a colleague. Could you place Megan (from a recent pic) somewhere in this photo, walking alongside the reception desk — she actually did walk that way as we stood and watched her..."

This is an example of photo manipulation in which a celebrity has been added to a fan's photo. The result looks real and natural -- that's what good retouching is all about.

And suddenly the photograph is electric!


This is an example of photo manipulation, and hence a work of fiction.
We do not know if Megan Fox has ever visited Vietnam. - Ed



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Superman visits the future


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