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Disneyland background added to children's photo for Friendship Day

"That's my daughter in the yellow t-shirt, along with her friends. They don't know it yet, but there's a surprise waiting for them on Sunday — a trip to Disneyland to celebrate Friendship Day! (We live just two hours from Anaheim CA, the home of Disney.) Would you place this bunch of kids in a nice Disneyland picture, and print the words, "DISNEYLAND, HERE WE COME! Friendship Day, Sunday, August 1, 2010" on top. I must e-mail a copy to each mother later today. We're going to leave a print of this on each kid's bedside — they wake up to a great surprise, and tomorrow will be spent in a state of feverish excitement, planning for the big day..."

This is a photo editing example in which a group of children pictured on white background have been placed inside a Disneyland photo.

A trip to Disneyland to celebrate Friendship Day on Sunday, Augsut 1, 2010

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