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Bride slimming - Wedding photo retouching services

Bridal makeup photo editor

This is a retouched wedding photo in which the bride has been made to look thinner. Blemishes have been removed on face.

Subtle yet vital retouching for the pretty bride

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"Please carry out the following retouching requests in this wedding photo: i) Make the bride look a little thinner overall; ii) Reduce thickening around neck, make neck more visible; iii) Remove bride's double chin; iv) Reduce redness on face and touch up blemishes; v) Now the bridegroom — Remove blemishes on groom's cheek and correct sagging chin."


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Wedding Photo Retouching for Outdoor and Indoor photos

Customer requirement: "Can retouch all my photo shoot of 33 wedding pictures. Please do some research on French catholic weddings and culture before you start this editing job."


Photo Editing Wedding pics - Exposure / White Balance

Customer requirement: "We are a husband-wife wedding photographer duo that shoots parties, funerals, weddings and concerts. We need outside help editing our photos -- there just isn't time to do that in-house. The job is fairly straightforward though. Exposure adjustment is required, as well as noise reduction and color balance. I will send you the RAW images via WeTransfer. Please deliver the images as hi-res JPG files. Please be gentle with the retouching. We don't want the plastic look."


Culling and color correction of wedding pictures

Customer requirement: "I shoot at least 15 wedding each year. I have to refuse further booking due to lack of time. If I outsource al the retouching and editing work it will free up time for another 10 weddings. I shoot no less than 1,500 photos per event. These need to be culled down to 400 or so. Do you do al of this work -- from culling to delivering beautifully retouched images?"


Raw file processing for weddings

Customer requirement: "We are a wedding and event photography firm located in Los Angeles. We have in-house retouching talent but due to excessive image work we are looking for outside retouchers who can work with our team. Please send us your photo retouching portfolio and image editing price list. You should be able to process our raw files. The output should be magazine print ad quality. The brides must be made to look skinnier, have smooth skin, wrinkle free hands and face, made a little bit taller -- in short, made to look pretty and glamorous.

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Retouch wedding make-up


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