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Wedding photo enhancement: Retouch bridal makeup

Wedding photo enhancement by retouch make-up artist: "The bride looks tired from all the activity of the wedding day, and the make-up seems to have come off. Please retouch her make-up. Brighten up the eyes and remove the folds below her eyes; touch-up the double chin; tighten facial skin, remove blemishes and smoothen the skin all over. Make her look a wee bit younger and a tad thinner."

Wedding photo enhancement; make-up and slimming

Wedding airbrushing: Make-up and skin retouch

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Wedding photo enhancement of bridal photos

Ask any bride and she will tell you how special her wedding day is for her. Right from the guests list to menu selection to choosing the trousseau, nearly everything has to be perfect. But the thing that matters most to any bride is, without doubt – looking like a million dollars!


The last few weeks leading up to the wedding can be hectic with all the arrangements and shopping to manage. And you pull out all the stops to ensure that everything just looks and feels picture perfect on your wedding day…and it does! But all the running around and stress does take its toll on your delicate complexion and makes you look a tad tired on the big day. Even the expertise of the make-up man cannot repair that jaded look. You may well start feeling what a waste of time and effort when all you get is that weary look in your wedding pictures.


Not to worry at all. The Photoshop experts in our wedding photo retouchng services team are trained to do just that... to restore your beautiful face. In this photograph, you can see how our photo editing team has worked to make the weary look on the bride’s face disappear. The skin tone has been evened out and all the blemishes too have been removed. Crow’s feet are one of the surest sign of aging and no one would like them to seen in their wedding pictures. Our team has skillfully managed to remove the crow’s feet, which makes the bride looks younger. The longer neck is looking distinctively more attractive and the slight double chin is also gone. And finally the make-up has been touched up making the bride look so pretty and relaxed – just the way she should be on her wedding day.


Wedding photo retouching examples

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