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Sunny becomes a nun. (Don't laugh.)
Say goodbye to the Sunny of your fantasies! If sources are to be believed, Sunny Leone is so offended by recent reports of the strip tease act which she continues to deny having done, and other "insulting" offers (as she puts it) of large sums of money to perform in the buff during Digvijay's wedding, she has given up the rich fun life and become a nun. Believe it! Well! We have the photos to prove it!

Funny photo retouching services: Face swap

Fun photo editing services: Nun face swap

Not sure about the men, but the women in India are deeply offended by adult star's Sunny Leone's third rate degraded antics. And to think that the who's who of the film industry are running in circles around her! Would she just go back to where she came from please. Thank you.

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