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Photo editing services: Dating

Please your young girlfriend with a digital facelift: Okay, so now everyone knows about the venerable 67-year-old politician Mr. Digvijay Singh and his secret girlfriend Amrita, over 25 years his junior. She wants him to have a Botox facelift and look all young and pimped for the wedding. Sources say that Amrita also wants him to have electrolysis done to remove the hair on his ears. This photo retouching example has turned the clock back by 20 years.

Photo retouching services: Dating

Face retouch for age reduction

Pimping Mr. Singh
What we did to pimp Mr. Singh in his picture: 1) Receding hairline arrested and some hair transplant done. 2) Sagging skin under the chin has been tightened, so now he has a 'chin' chin. 3) Grandfather style ears made smaller. 4) Jawline defined 5) Skin firmed up, and last but not the least, 6) hair in / on ears removed.

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