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Photo retouching before-and-after example of retouching feet to remove dryness & creases and making them look young, elegant and pretty. Below is a close-up of Liv Tyler's foot from a 2008 picture, when she was 31 years of age. There's really no reason for her feet to look so dry, old(er) and shrivelled at that young age. The veins are also showing up somewhat along with some skin discolouration, lines and creases. But then, our hands and feet sometimes do look way older than we are! View the transformation on right (below).

Photo editing and retouching for pretty looking feet.

Liv Tyler's foot has been touched up by our retouching artists (in a realistic way, taking care not to over-smoothen). The veins have been subdued. The dryness seen at the bottom of her foot has been ironed out. The skin has been pampered by the digital hand :-) to look much younger, smoother and healthier.

Liv Tyler at 'The Incredible Hulk' premiere in June 2008. See foot close-up above.

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