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"I recently read a blog comment that likened Evangeline Lilly’s legs to sausage links the author had had for breakfast. It is a fact that Evangeline Lilly's body is pretty boyish shaped — narrow hips are not exactly feminine (see photo on left, below). Sociologists will tell you that men, on average, tend to be attracted to women with a low waist-hip ratio. On the right is Evangeline Lilly with a bit of a body makeover. Read the text below the before & after photo to see what changes have been made." Sample below edited by human retoucher.

Body reshaping with photo editing, photo retouching. View before & after sample.

Evangeline Lilly now has a more feminine figure. Our photo retouching artists have given her a wider hip structure, a proportionately smaller waist, slightly bigger breasts, longer and more slender legs, and a less muscular look. She is simply more woman now. Narrow hips and a small rear is not womanly or feminine — it is boyish — look at the photo on left, and then compare it with the photo on right.

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