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Height increase photo editing services — Photoshopped picture of Tom Cruise

The before-and-after example below showcases our height increase photo editing services. We can make people look taller than others in photographs irrespective of the pose.  Looking taller is not just about having longer legs. To increase your height often requires advanced photo editing skills, especially when the subject is in a group photo and people are standing or sitting close together. The complexity increases when the background is not a plain color in which case, parts of the background also have to be adjusted or reconstructed.

Height increase photo editing services example

Tom Cruise looks taller in photos with image editing

"Britain once declared Tom Cruise (5'7") the world's 'sexiest little man'. He's hot no doubt. But a picture like this one, where his now ex-wife Katie Holmes towers over him, leaves his fans squirming wishing he had longer legs. David Letterman's height difference gag had hurt Katie badly... This photo editing order is for making Tom Cruise look taller than Katie."


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Height increase photo editing services to make people look taller

By our reader Dina Morea


Making people look taller in photographs with height increase editing is not by simply making a selection around the area, copying that layer, pasting in and then Free Transforming.


But here's the shortcut — Command C V T and then Free Transforming. But to increase your height you will learn is that while this makes the legs longer, it distorts the shape of the foot. It makes the foot stretched in an odd way which does not look either correct or realistic. When you make a selection make sure you have a feather of 20 pixels. If you do that in this height increase editing example, it will blend this leg to the other layer seamlessly. If you still use the foot and place it over this layer so you still have the original foot on the knees. Again feathering the selection, just make a nice big, wide selection around the foot and then again copy and paste. Now change the layer order.


Bring this leg layer on top and with the Move tool, move it into place, so that way you will not get that really stretched foot effect. See how it looks so that you can fine-tune a positioning. You’ll notice here that you now have a bit of a problem with the shadow, but that but don't worry about it yet. Create a separate layer, hit S on and make the tool active making sure you are sampling high and below it and using a soft-edge brush to be able to sample from here and then just fill that area in. You will see that now the shadow also will meet.


Make sure that you don't distort areas of the body that will be recognizable. Things like hands and feet can look unnatural if you don't deal with them individually while carrying out height increase editing.




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