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Photo retouching: Cure vitiligo skin disease virtually

"Please clear the vitiligo marks on this child's arm"

This is a photo retouching example of fixing vitiligo patches digitally. The original photo can be seen on left.

Vitilgo marks fixed

We all remember that Michael Jackson was hounded for years by the media for bleaching his skin to look 'white'. Despite his pleas and explanations that it was a skin disease that caused the lightening, he was not believed. Now, more than a year after his death, evidence in the form of his 13-year-old son Prince Michael has surfaced. Holidaying in Hawaii along with his siblings, Prince Michael was spotted on the beach with vitiligo (leucoderma — white patches) marks on his body. Vitiligo is a hereditary skin condition that discolours the face and body (depigmentation). Now that Prince Michael is showing signs of similar symptoms, most skeptics are convinced Jackson really was the teen's biological parent.

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Virtual umbilicoplasty


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