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Photo editing services: eye adjustment / correction

Widen close-set eyes in pic with photo retouching (before and after). "Please adjust the proportion of space between Sarah Jessica Parker's eyes to make them look wider-set. The idea is to have a comparison to see if she looks even better with eyes that are not so close-set. I leave the verdict to the readers!"

The gap between Sarah Jessica Parker's close-set eyes has been widened. View original photo on left.

Gap between eyes has been widened

According to Naomi R. Tickle, author of What Makes People Tick & Why (The Answers are in the Face), "Individuals with close-set eyes react to situations more quickly and want to work by the rules. Wide-set-eyed individuals are extremely tolerant and laid back. People with close-set eyes have low tolerance and tend to focus on the issue at hand. They have an intense "now" reaction, which makes them present in the moment, and a built-in sense of right and wrong. When intent on something, nothing else exists for them."


View example of wide-set eyes that were edited to make them appear more centered.

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