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Face swap photo retouching services, replace head

We provide face swap photo editing services to replace a person's serious face with a happy face. View before and after sample below. Change subject's expression from 'anxious' to 'cheerful' by replacing face. "Nice photo (left) except that Imran Khan looks preoccupied and anxious. Here are some other photos (below) in which he looks more cheerful. Please pick one and replace his face with a happier version. Thanks!" Head swap software? No, this is human edited, not automatic like in a photo editing app.

Face swap photo editing to switch heads

Replace face in a photo

Face swap photo or head swap

One of our popular services includes head swap and face swap photo editing. Let’s say you do everything right to make sure that all your pictures with a special someone turn out just perfect. You choose the right clothes, the perfect setting and a professional photographer too. But alas one picture is ruined and that is one of the best too... if only your hair had not played spoilsport. While you cannot recreate the magic of the setting or the mood or the expression, our highly skilled photo editors can swap the face in the photo and make it look 100% authentic. And no, we don’t depend on any photo editing application to do this. It is hand-edited by human Photoshop experts and that’s why the resultant image looks original and natural even to the most discerning eye.


Swap face online

There may be other reasons for requesting to change face in a photo or to stitch a new face in a photo. Like you were not wearing make-up or you are not looking your best otherwise; the blemishes on your face are showing or you were squinting in the sun; your eyes were closed or you were looking away from the camera; you were not smiling or your expression was serious and other reasons such as these. Photographs are memories of special events and special people and a small slip-up or flaw can spoil the whole album. Let not occasions such as these be the cause of despair because we have the photo editing expertise to resolve them and put that smile back on your face — literally and photographically! Just send us another photo of yourself, at about the same angle and leave it to our editors to work wonders with it.


Wedding photos head swap

At least a few of the hundreds of photos taken at weddings need head swapping.  Group photography, especially of large groups are the bane of even the most experienced photographers. In fact, they take a dozen shots of the same group in the hopes of getting one perfect photo. Even then it is sometimes not possible. Each photo has something that could do with correction. For example: a child looking away of the last moment in one photo and an uncle looking way too grumpy in another photo. Closed eyes are always a staple. All of these problem situations can be set right with head swaps.


Head swap for fun photos

The Internet abounds with head swaps in couple photos — i.e. the man's head on the woman and the other way round. This would be categorized under 'fun photo editing' for the purposes of humor.


DIY head swap apps online

While head swap apps and free online face changer photo editors are convenient because of their DIY features, they seldom produce authentic looking results. The edited photos look obviously fake, which is a tacky way to go and defeats the purpose of manipulating the picture.  Nothing can replace the role of a human editor who can see what an automatic photo editing program can't.  Replacing the head or face can never be a single click editing process. There are things like photo background, lighting, exposure, skin tone, head tilt, neck length and hair that have to be dealt with to deliver a natural looking edited photo. Human discretion is critical.

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