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Lip enhancement: Photo retouching services

Photo retouching to correct thin lips. Now, add volume to lips: "Problem no. 1 is my thin lip (the top one). Problem no. 2 is that far too much of my upper gums show when I smile. Please do two things for me with your retouching skills: i) Make my upper lip look fuller — add volume. ii) Do it in such a way that less of my gums show. Please give my upper lip a heart-shaped outline. I am planning to go in for lip augmentation, and just want a virtual preview of the expected outcome."

Photo editing services: Lip re-shaping

Fuller lip, and the gums don't show that much

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You can opt for lip augmentation without surgery or injections and have plumper and luscious lips. Photo retouching can help you to have fuller lips. We can enhance lips in photographs for a fuller shape. "I'm pretty confused about which procedure to go with for lip augmentation, since there are so many types of fillers and implants. Collagen, restylane, fat transfer — so many options... Probably it would be best to contact a good cosmetic surgeon. I want this to be as effective as possible! But also as painless as possible, and without any side effects."

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