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Photo retouching services for beauty makeover on woman's face and hair

"I have looked at all your Glamourisation pages and I feel really encouraged. Here's a picture of me to glamourise. Make me look like a very very good version of my present self (not necessarily younger). I want the following: 1) Make my skin blemish free 2) Remove double chin 3) Thin out eyebrows a bit 4) Whiten my teeth 5) Fix under-eye bags, brighten the eyes; highlight with a little kohl 6) Darken the lipstick, a shade or two 7) Fix flyaway hair 8) Give me a new hairstyle; I have long hair, so a top-of-the-head bun would be good. In fact, A style with bangs would be best to cover part of my big forehead."

This is a retouched photo of a woman who has been digitally glamourised. The original no-make, frumpy photo can be seen on left.

The lady's had a makeover!

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