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Photo retouching services: Enhance skin quality and remove double chin

"Please retouch this photo to remove the lady's double chin and thickening around the neck. Also correct the lines and colour variation in the neck area." Continued below

This is an example of airbrushing and photo retouching to make middle-aged subject look younger.

Double chin retouching

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"Thin down the face a little bit and generally enhance the skin quality. Make sure the retouching is not too heavy handed — the photo should pass off for a recent one — taken a couple of years ago."


It is a fact that a double chin can make you look much older than your age. A double chin combined with chubby cheeks and general facial fat makes things worse. Looking in the mirror is not a pleasure and you wish you could remove the double chin and get back that chiseled jawline. This problem can be solved very quickly in photographs at least with our double chin retouching services.

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