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Photo retouching services for age-defying face lift

No more wrinkles, drooping eyelids or receding hairline. Look younger by many years; feel good. This is a photo retouching example in which a middle-aged woman has been made to look younger. The original photo on left shows the areas that need digital correction. This lady has a receding hairline due to age-related hair loss. There are age lines and wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, neck and face. The upper eye lids are drooping and there are eye bag bulges below the eyes. Freckle-like marks can be seen on the upper chest area. Contd below...

This is a beauty retouching example of a woman made to look young with digital skin treatment. No surgery or Botox is involved. Original, unedited photo can be seen on left.

Look younger without surgery or Botox

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What you see above is a fine example of age-defying retouching! The woman in the photo has been transformed into a younger version of herself. This virtual facelift has removed wrinkles and age lines all over the face. The upper eyelids have been lifted non-surgically. Spots and marks on the face have been lasered away. Also note that the receding hairline has been corrected with virtual hair growth.

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Facelift with wrinkle fillers


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