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"I need the lady in this photo to lose the humungous amount of extra fat on her bottom, hips and thighs. The arms need to look thinner, the stomach should go in somewhat, and the chest shouldn't look so thrust out. But do not lose the voluptuous curves please. We are not looking to make her skinny — it's okay if she still looks plus-size — it should just look like she lost a LOT of weight, especially the lower torso."

See what a virtual workout can do! Our retouch artists have transformed this lady's obese hips, waist and thighs to slender proportaions.

Extensive figure correction required And hey presto...

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View our Photo editing samples. Go to our photo editing before-and-after page to see dozens of photo manipulation examples. These photos range from very subtle effects to more extreme photo editing and retouching. Photo editing for weight loss. Are you trying to lose weight? Look at these weight loss examples. Lose Weight Photo Editing. Virtual Weight Loss. Mail us your photo for our digital retouchers to hand edit and make you as slim as you like. Slimming retouch by expert digital artists. Make yourself look slimmer, thinner in photos. Weight reduction in photos. Photo editing and photo retouching samples. Professional photo editing services. Online 24-hour Photoshop retouching service with customer satisfaction guarantee. Reduce belly fat - Photoshop magic by experts. We can remove belly rolls and love handles from a photo far more easily than you can remove them from your body!

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