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Photo editing services: Calling advertising agencies, online stores, catalog makers... We undertake bulk photo editing jobs at competitive rates -- image resizing of scanned images; enhancement of complete hard copy family photo album images; commercial product photos to be placed on pure white backgrounds
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Weight loss, body slimming photo editing. Look thinner, look slimmer

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Photo editing request (example): "Please make me look thin. Please make me look younger also if possible."
Photo of plump woman wanting to look thin and slim.
Photo editing to look thin. Plump woman made to look thinner and younger.
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Look Thinner By Tonight. Got to send someone your photo in a few hours? Our urgent photo editing services can help you slim down by sundown. How To Look Skinny In A Day; Lose Weight Overnight. Lose weight while you sleep -- our photo editing gurus will retouch your pictures. Look thinner in photos. We will work our photo editing and retouching secrets to make you look skinny like the red carpet celebrities. Enhance and Retouch an Image. Some of life's most precious moments are not captured exactly as we would want them to be. You can use our photo editing and retouching artists to fix the problems with your photos. We are Photoshop weight loss experts. We can easily change the shape of your body to the desired shape. Lose weight the easy way. You don't have to suffer hunger pangs that traditional weight loss programs are known for.

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Children & Baby photo editing & retouching examples
Colour enhancement and re-colourisation of old photo Team photograph edited to make one of the girls tallest in the group. Little boy kneeling down, placed on ocean surface, as though he was levitating. View examples of 'background change' after photo editing The little girl's photo has been given a new background. This is a photo editing sample. View 'before' and 'after' photo. Change photo backdrop to autumn scene in the woods.
Photo editing example of image background change Photo editing example [Edit person in group]: This is a family group photograph spanning three generations. The little boy is holding a cell phone to his face, covering his eyes entirely. The challenge is to move the cell phone down and bring his eyes into view! Open eyes at that! Photo editing used to place moustache to boy's face This is an example of photo manipulation. An image of a fairy has been merged into the picture of a pretty cottage by night. Little child has been added from one photo to the other. Photo manipulation services to add new background in photo
Sample of flower baby photo editing Children retouching services. Your child with a flower crown in a photo Photo editing example [Blemish removal]: The boy's face needs to be cleared of freckles. Photo retouching to remove tears on baby's face Leucoderma marks on Prince Michael's arm have been cleared with photo retouching. Photo editing example: Picture of two kids, in which one has been converted to cartoon / sketch.
Red eye correction Fix squinchy eyes Open baby's partially closed eye in picture with photo editing Squint eye correction carried out on baby Squint eye correction Digital correction of squint eye done with photo editing.
Eyeglass Glare Removal Eyeglass glare fixed in little boy's spectacles Teeth Whitening Photo editing / photo retouching: Change facial expression to make a crying baby cheerful and smiling. Wipe away baby's tears digitally We offer photo retouching services to fix abnormalities and deformities. Create 'Merry Christmas' card from photo
Our photo retouching artists can add or remove a person, object or decoration iems from your Christmas photo. We can also enhance your X'mas photos and make them print-ready.          
We make your photographs picture perfect. 'Quick' photo editing is free.

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Please do not use this free service for commercial work.
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