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Family photo editing services: Christmas

Create family Christmas pictures from your everyday photos.

This is an edited photo in which the couple has been merged with the photo of a room that has an X'mas tree and other Christmas decorations. The original photo of the couple can be seen above.

Brand new Christmas pic created for the young couple using their old photo & other props

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Christmas background on family photo

Customer requirement: "Hi! This is the man I love and we are going to be engaged soon. It's also time for him to send a picture of me to his parents. What better opportunity than this to send them a Christmas photo with both of us in it. Please wrap a Christmas theme around this photo. If you could also put a Santa cap on me, that would be great. I believe his family is very friendly and I want to send out a warm message... and hope to celebrate many Christmases with them in the years to come... (Please whiten my teeth some if possible; also his)."


Clipping job on Christmas photo

Customer requirement: "Hi, it's me again. Need to clip seven RAW photos of Christmas trees this time of year. Please retain color information post clipping from the RAW files. The background should be transparent. Only the Christmas tree components should be visible. The clipping needs to be very detailed since we will upload them with 200% zoom for our E-comm website."

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Add Xmas backdrop & Santa


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