Salman Khan’s son is about 23 years old now!

They say, the truth reveals itself, and it has. How long could Sallu bhai have kept his son hidden from the world! It’s quite another matter that we have no clue who the mother is. Could it possibly have been a case of surrogacy all those many years ago? No one really talked of surrogacy two decades ago. But today it is easy to rent a womb as Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar have done.

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Salman’s son — what is his name?

Nothing at all is known about Salman’s son, let alone his name.  What is his exact date of birth? Where was he born? And most importantly, what is his name? He couldn’t be an adopted child because he is a spitting image of Salman. You can see the Salim Khan genes in his grandson from a mile. What could be the young man’s name?  Assuming the family would go with ‘S’ as the first letter, the following names sound good: Sultan, Shiraz, Shaan, Saaqib and Shaukat. But alas, we can only guess, until Salman decides to remove the veil.

Rare Salman photo of Salman with son in 2011

Salman was seen with his son at Chicago airport in 2011.  He looks about 17 years old at the time (photo below). Exactly where has Salman’s tucked his son away? Why doesn’t he live with the family in Mumbai, though as you will see further down that he did visit Galaxy Apartments in 2014


Salman’s son – who is his mother?

As celebrities go, Salman Khan has been the most mysterious bachelor yet. At 51 years of age he has been linked with so many beautiful women, it’s easy to lose track of them. It started with Sangeeta Bijlani, some years older than him, whom he very nearly married. He is still good friends with Sangeeta, as is his whole family. Salman’s next love relationship was with Somy Ali. It didn’t work out due to his excessive drinking and they soon spilt. But despite Somy leaving the film industry and moving to the United States, they did get back together as friends some years ago. Next, Salman was besotted with Aishwarya Rai. It is widely believed that he was overly possessive and became physically abusive, due to which Aishwarya and her family had to seek police intervention. The next lady in Salman’s life was Katrina Kaif. One could say this relationship was kind of longstanding before she moved on to Ranbir Kapoor. But while they were together, she was quite supportive, being there for him when he went to jail. These women in his life were followed by Sneha Ullal, Zareen Khan, Daisy Shah, Claudia Ciesla and now Iulia Vantur in 2017.

Rare pic: Salman’s son seen at Galaxy Apartments in 2014

The second sighting was in 2014 with father and son leaning over the balcony railing of his his home at Galaxy Apartments.  Was it a short visit to India? Below in the only known photo of Salman Khan and his son in recent years.

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Enjoy these rare photos of Sallu bhai. All the photographs on this page have been edited and are a result of photo manipulation for the purposes of entertainment. 

Salman Khan with Nawaz Sharif
Salman Khan with Fawad Khan
Salman & Sohail in Karachi
Salman at a mosque with a fan
Salman performs with Katy Perry
Salman enjoying the sunset