Headshot slimming services because the camera adds 10 pounds

Are you in a career that requires headshots during every application or audition? Or maybe you simply want a new headshot for your LinkedIn, social media site, or dating app? Well if this is you, you know that the perfect shot can say a lot about you, your personality and your character. It can be the difference between you and the other candidate, or you and the other suitor. However, you also know that capturing the perfect image can take time, effort, and a lot of frustration.

For many of us, this frustration arises because we don’t look as slim as we want in the pictures. It’s true what they say – the camera adds 10 pounds. Therefore, this guide will help you in your quest for the perfect headshot and show you the best tips to getting a slimmer photo.

Intermittent Fasting

Of course, the most natural solution to a slimmer photo is to simply lose the weight. Intermittent fasting, although not a diet, is a pattern of eating. Instead of what you eat, it dictates when you eat so that you can maximize your metabolism. Intermittent fasting suggests that a series of short term fasts will lower your calorie intake and increase your metabolism to burn those calories faster.

There are many different types of intermittent fasting, but the most popular method for beginners is the Lean Gains method. Through this fast, dieters do not eat for 16 hours. Then, after the 16 hours, dieters get an eight-hour time period where they can eat for eight hours. For most dieters, they choose to eat their last meal at 8pm so that they can fast through the night and morning and then eat around 1pm. The time you decide does not matter, but rather the interval of fasting and non-fasting is key. If you want faster, better results, you will want to also incorporate exercise a couple of hours prior to when you will start your eating period.

Look thin in portraits

Another option, if you don’t want to diet, is to simply learn how to take a slimming picture, from the angles to your positioning. Here are some tips to capturing a slimming photo.

  • Avoid a low angle. Having the camera at a low angle will always make the person look bigger than they actually are. Therefore, you should position your camera slightly above your eye line for the best slimming shot.
  • Distance the camera. Objects may seem larger than they actually are when they are closer to the camera. Therefore, avoid the dreaded driver’s license picture by distancing the camera as far away as possible.
  • Illuminate your face. Format the lighting so that it only highlights your face. This not only illuminates your features, but also creates a slimming look.
  • Stick your chin out. Although it may seem unnatural, sticking your chin or head out every so slightly can reduce the impact of a double chin.
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you smile. This a celebrity trick that Heidi Klum and Renee Zellweger practice and it helps give the appearance of a thinner face.
  • Updos can make you look skinnier. Hair styles such as a bun or ponytail can make your neck look longer and thinner. However, make sure the braids or ponytail are not too tight as that creates harsh angles.
  • Apply bronzer that’s a tone or two darker than your skin tone along your jaw line. This will define your jaw and make you look skinnier.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors and stripes. Although not much of your outfit is shown in a headshot, you may see some of the clothing around your shoulders. Be sure that you don’t wear anything dark or with stripes – particularly vertical stripes – as these can make your face look fatter.

Editing your photos

For the finishing touches, you can even edit your photos to make yourself look slimmer. You can use an app on your phone, or take your shots to a professional editor. These options will use filters and editors to slim you down to your perfect size. This is the final touch and can make your image look picture perfect for your next interview, audition, dating app, or social media account.