Filipino celebrities Hollywood bound?

Fresh off the press: Several big Filipino names will be seen in Hollywood movies in 2017 and 2018.  Is this a mass exodus or what! The Hollywood biggies being paired with Philippines’ Maja Salvadore, Kim Chiu, Anne Curtis, Marian Rivera and Enrique Gil are biggies Tom Crusie, Brad Pitt Johnny Depp and Jessica Alba.

Maja Salvador to share screen space with Tom Cruise?

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Hollywood calling Maja? Maja Salvador along with Tom Cruise on a Florida beach where the world’s beautiful people descend.*

Bet this is the first you are seeing of Maja Salvador with Tom Cruise at Miami Beach in Florida. What’s she doing with Tom Cruise? Has Maja got a Hollywood break? Has she relocated to the United States or will she operate from her home base in the Philippines? And, is this a shot out of a movie or are Tom and Maja just enjoying some togetherness?

There’s so much more to Maja Salvador than her glamour and fame. She has endeared herself to millions for her PETA role in seeking to move the lone captive elephant Mali, from the Manila zoo to Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary. Maha’s initiative was emboldened with the vociferous involvement of Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson. However, it is not known at this time, what eventually happened to Elephant Mali.


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Angelina Jolie at Hare Krishna temple
Katie Holmes at White House, 1960s
Megan Fox in a Vietnam hotel

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Kim Chiu on Brad Pitt’s arm at a Star Magic event

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Is Kim Chiu eyeing a Hollywood career? Or has she already been cast with Brad Pitt?*

Look at this! What could it mean: Brad Pitt accompanying pretty Kim Chiu to a glam event? Nevertheless, this is the first anyone heard of any sort of connection between the two. Is this public outing a precursor to a movie together? A full blown Hollywood production or a homegrown Filipino movie with Brad Pitt doing a cameo perhaps? If it’s true, this will be Brad Pitt’s first release after his acrimonious divorce from Angeline Jolie.


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Whitney Houston in India
Helen Mirren on the beach
RIP Whitney Houston

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Anne Curtis at Hollywood red carpet event — but which one?

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Anne Curtis already a red carpet hit in Hollywood?*

Hollywood, here I come! That’s Anne Curtis at a red carpet event in LA. And she looks every bit as confident as the Scarlett Johanssons of America with photographers’s flash bulbs working non-stop! Incidentally, Anne Curtis is expected to be seen with Johansson in a movie that goes on the floors in the summer of 2017. Anne Curtis will be cast as Leonardo DiCaprio’s romantic interest in a murder mystery.


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Enrique Gil and Jessica Alba team up? Come again!

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Enrique Gil with Jessica Alba announce their dance movie together*

The ‘My Ex and Whys’ actor Enrique Gil is all set to star in a new dance movie with none other than the hugely talented Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba! What a great break for Gil to star opposite Alba who played aspiring dancer-choreographer in ‘Honey’ and an exotic dancer in the movie ‘Sin City’. It is rumored that Enrique Gil will set up home in LA before the year is out. It is not known what his lady love and Maybelline face Liza Soberano thinks of all this.

Marian Rivera alongside Johnny Depp at People’s Choice Award 2017

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Filipino movie star Marian Rivera to act with Johnny Depp in a Spanish production*

The year 2018 will see Madrid-born Marian Rivera pitted across Hollywood’s freshly divorced Johnny Depp in a Spanish movie on bull fighting. Johnny Depp’s character is that of a former matador turned RSPCA supporter and Marian Rivera’s role is modeled on that of Conchita Cintron who was a Peruvian female bullfighter. Depp and Rivera are expected to spend most of 2017 in Spain and France for the long and arduous shooting schedules.

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